Answers to Some frequently asked questions:

1. What is included with each Ghodiyu?

Each Ghodiyu includes a cotton canopy (Khoyu), bars to hand the cotton canopy (kangra), a Bag to carry Ghoidyu and the Ghodiyu Itself. Inshort all parts and accessories to start using this Ghodiyu from day 1 are included.

2. What are shipping charges to USA, UK, Australia, Dubai, Singapore…etc

Shipping is FREE all over the world. So if you live in USA, UK, Australia, Dubai, Singapore, Kenya…or wherever…we will provide free shipping to you.

3. Where do you ship from?

All our items are shipped from India. We ship via FEDEX partner and you will get a tracking number to track your order.

4. What is your Return Policy? Can the Ghodiyu be returned?

We ship all our products from India. So shipping back would not be economical to you and hence we do not accept returns. We have shipped this Ghodiyas all over the world and have not received any complaints so far. We are confident that you will be happy with your purchase and will have no need to return. See our customer reviews here.

5. Do you have a store locally?

All our products are shipped from India. We do not have any stores except our manufacturing facility in Amdavad, Gujarat.

6. How soon will I receive the Ghodiyu after the order?

After the order has been placed, it takes about 2-3 days for us to process the order and drop-off to the courier company. After the Item leaves Courier Company, you can expect to get it within 7-10 days. You can track using the tracking number.

7. Where can I order extra cotton canopy (khoyu)

Cotton Canopy with Traditional Indian work by clicking here or You can order regular cotton canopy by clicking here

8. Is the Wooden Ghodiyu foldable?

Wooden Ghodiyu is not foldable. It comes with 3 parts (2 legs and 1 connecting rod)

9. Is the stainless steel Ghodiyu good for Carpet, Wooden Floor and Tiles?

Each leg of the stainless steel ghodiyu has a plastic/rubber base which makes it skid-free on tiles and wooden floor. This will help not tear into the carpet too.

10. How easy are the folding Ghoidyas to carry?

The round legs Ghodiyu folds down to less than 2 feet length and is very easy to carry in the provided bag. Easy to take along with you in your car trunk or as a carry on item in Airplanes.

The square legs Ghodiyu folds down to about 4 feet length and can be carried along with you in provided bag.

11. What is the size of Khoyu(Cotton Canopy)?

Khoyu Width is: 15 inches x Lenght is: 35 inches. This is the standard size Khoyu sold all over Gujarat and we Buy directly from the Market.
Each Khoyu has hooks at the 4 corners as seen in the picture here: http://www.ghodiyu.us/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/Traditional-Canopy-1.jpg

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