Folding Stainless Steel Ghodiyu – $164.95

– FREE Cotton Canopy (Khoyu)                     — FREE Storage/Carry Bag                           — FREE Shipping.                                         […]

Why Ghodiyu?

Ghodiyu provides your baby womb like feeling and helps the baby to sooth naturally. Indian Ghodiyu has been used for hundreds of years in various forms and continues to be used even today in modern Indian homes. This Indian Cradle is a Great way to help babies fall sleep and feel rested. No more swaddling or rocking when you use this Indian Baby Hammock.

Why Purchase from us?

Heritage Handicrafts Pvt. Ltd. is an ISO9001 direct manufacturer and exporter of Indian Ghodiyu. We offer best price along with FREE Shipping. After proving the safety of our products in India, we have started offering our products to the USA and other markets. Ghodiyu is called by many different names in different parts of the Country like: Indian Style Cradle, Indian Cradle, Indian Baby Swing, Indian Baby Cradle, Palna, Paraniyu, Zhula.